Drawings are the window to the soul

23605_1306987668008_1030025102_30783659_6260961_n (2)-1-1-1-1-1.jpg

This pic was taken when I was 18. I love it because you can see my hands while I’m drawing. I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn’t even realise they’re taking a photo of me!
I started practising art when I was a child of only 3, so I’ve been drawing almost for my entire lifetime (more than 20 years!). I can’t live without drawing. I think I’ll never quit because there are still soooo many things I want to express and communicate through it. Someone said I’m an artistic spirit and it’s totally true. Art is an extension of my soul.
I just wanna thank every single person who’s supporting me or cooperating with me. If I could, I’d hug you all.
You’re special. โœจ