Eros / Cupid (Love is blind)

IMG_20200104_151121_409.jpgUsually Cupid’s portrayed as a cherub.
But recently I discovered (from Wikipedia) that: in satiric poems he’s described as a blindfolded child, precursor of the plump rinascimental Cupid.
It impressed me a lot because love is blind! Isn’t it?
While in the first greek poetry and art, Eros was represented portrayed as an adult male who embodies erotic power.
So, I decided to draw him with my personal interpretation, by mixing these two pictures and the result is a blindfolded young man with wings.
I wanted to communicate that you can spend a lot of time dreaming about how your partner should be but you can’t plan who you fall in love with. The heart wants what it wants!
Greek mythology’s always a source of inspiration for me.
I made this drawing with: pencil, ink, digital color and Instagram filtrer.
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